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Our Building


We attach great importance to respect for the environment and the use of renewable energies. The company premises we imagined were built by BCR Architectes in 2009. The building is carbon neutral and operates on these energies.

In both summer and winter, the temperature is regulated by a geothermal heat pump coupled with sensors and by passive natural ventilation systems. In summer the large eaves project shade over the windows, protecting them from direct sunlight.

Throughout the year large doors and windows and numerous light wells allow plenty of natural light into the building. The windows can also be wide opened to enjoy the gentle sounds of the pond and the surrounding nature, full of birds. So everything about the building works together to provide the ideal working environment, both calm and dynamic, conducive to creativity.

Working Environment


At AGENHOR, the human dimension is central; we offer our employees ideal working conditions so that everyone can do their best work and find fulfilment in their relations with others.